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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are derived from plants. 

They can be steam distilled from branches, and leaves, or cold pressed from the rind depending on the type of plant and how to best extract the oils. 

The molecules in essential oils are so small they can pass through our tissues, into our cells and throughout our bodies within minutes being absorbed through the skin.

**Quality matters**

Not all essential oils are created equally.

The oils used in AlignedByErica products are therapeutic grade essential oils harvested without pesticides and extracted without synthetic additives or fillers. The quality of oils used and ingredients is our top priority.

How to use essential oils?

AlignedByErica products are for topical and aromatic use. 

Rollons are applied to the skin.

You can also inhale once rolled onto the skin as well if using your wrists or forearms.

The sprays are for aromatic use and can be sprayed around you, as a perfume alternative, on linens, pillows, and around the home or car to freshen up your space.

When essential oils are inhaled they reach the portion of the brain that impacts emotions.  Think of smelling fresh cut grass and how it may bring up certain emotions or feelings of summer.  Essential oils bring up various emotions in the same way.

When applied topically essential oils are absorbed into the blood stream and cells of the body.

How do I use the rollons?

The rollons contain a carrier oil which means they have been diluted and can be applied directly to your skin.

Apply to your wrists, back of neck, forearms, behind your ears, bottoms of your feet (this absorbs into the body easily), chest area, etc.  

You can apply to one location or multiple depending on your needs.  If possible, a great thing to do is inhale after applying, for example apply the rollons to your wrists and then lift your wrists up to your nose to also inhale. 

Some notes of caution:

  • Never put essential oils in your eyes, inside your ears, or on mucus membranes

  • Never apply a citrus essential oil and then sit directly in the sun

  • Can be used for 11 years old and up, if younger apply with additional carrier oil

When to use the rollons?

Each rollon has been created with a specific intention and can be used up to every 2 hours or as needed throughout the day.

If your rollon is intended for relaxation, you can use it both as a way to relax or apply prior to an event where you may encounter a stressful situation.

How to store AlignedByErica products?

Store in a cool dark place, out of direct sunlight.

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